Get your Schedule Here

We have a schedule! It might change, subject to the vagaries of time and fate – but if you like a concrete plan, this is a good place to start.

Scott Berkun will start us off right at 9 am on Saturday, and unconference sessions will follow. After our delicious lunch, Andrew Nacin will present “something awesome” at 1:15 pm, as is his wont. Then more unconferences will roll in, bringing with them a 93% chance of inspiration and new ideas for all attendees present.

Your Not-After Party high jinks will get started after we wrap up at 5:15, at a location to be disclosed soon.

After you sleep in/go to church/play with kittens on Sunday, you won’t want to forget to come back to the Eliot Center to hear Jane Wells speak at 1:30. The final round of unconference sessions will be held, and we’ll bring the WordPress fun to a close (just for the day) at 5:15pm.

Also on the schedule page, we have compiled a list of the (many!) great ideas for unconference sessions that have been suggested or proposed.  If you think there’s something missing, please hustle on over and propose a session or suggest a topic you want to learn more about.

We can’t wait until this weekend!  See you there!

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