Do it All, Have a Ball: Saturday Night

As the classic Bay City Rollers song says, “after a full day of WordPress talk and geekery, there’s nothing like a libation with all your WP friends, new and old.”  Luckily, you won’t have to wander far, because we’re holding our not-really-after-party* at the Eliot Center!

Plan to stick around after sessions conclude on Saturday for some tasty Full Sail beer, light snacks and all the fun you can handle.  Festivities start at the end of sessions and continue until about 7:30pm.

It’s just a Saturday night.

*because, of course, there is a half-day of WP fun awaiting you on Sunday afternoon.

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One Response to Do it All, Have a Ball: Saturday Night

  1. Louie says:

    You’d think with half a day to sleep off a hangover that the party could last longer than 7:30pm… 🙂