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WordCamp Awesome in the Making

I love unconferences because the event dynamic is driven by the attendees – folks get to choose the agenda and everyone can learn from the experiences of a diverse set of attendees. As I look at the current state of … Continue reading WordCamp Awesome in the Making

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Open Thread for Unconference Topics

As mentioned previously, a large portion of our event this year will be held as an unconference, with topics suggested, chosen, and scheduled by the community of attendees. Unconference sessions can spring up in one of two fashions: An attendee … Continue reading Open Thread for Unconference Topics

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What is an Unconference?

We’ve mentioned that much of our weekend schedule for WordCamp Portland will be determined in an unconference format, but I’m sure that at least a few of you are wondering what that means. Rather than creating yet another explanation, I’d … Continue reading What is an Unconference?

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